Valor Siren Ventures (VSV)

The Valor Siren Ventures I L.P. (VSV) mission is to be the leading innovation engine and market marker in early-stage food, food technology, and retail technology investing. Rooted in Valor’s history of food and retail technology, Valor and Starbucks believe there is an opportunity to develop a new model for venture investing with VSV. With an anchor investment of $100M from Starbucks, VSV aspires to create value by generating differentiated investment opportunities, applying the intellectual capital of Starbucks and Valor, and accelerating the growth of portfolio companies through VSV operations assistance in scaling.

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Tell us about your company

If you’re an innovative food or retail technology company, we’d like to hear from you. Send us an email with your name, a brief summary of your company, and an overview presentation.

So today, we are announcing the Valor Siren Venture Fund. We have partnered with Valor Equity Partners, a successful investment firm that was an early investor in some start-ups you might have heard of, Tesla, Uber, Eatsa, SpaceX. This new fund focuses on innovators building businesses in areas that are relevant to Starbucks, retail tech businesses like Eatsa, food tech businesses. Companies that Starbucks may explore commercial relationships with and accelerate our innovation agenda. Our anchor investment of $100 million is the first of its kind for Starbucks. Valor will raise an additional $300 million from other investors to round out the fund. This action reinforces our belief that innovative ideas are fuel for the future.