Private investing, reimagined.

These are the questions that drive our work:

What can we do in the world that is valuable, and who are the companies in the world that would benefit from our set of skills?

It starts with the right partnership—entrepreneurs with the courage and commitment to transform their industries. Companies that align with our long-term fundamental demand drivers, with compelling market opportunities. These entrepreneurs and portfolio companies are our customers.

In a process that begins before a transaction closes, we begin working directly with the management teams of our portfolio companies. We ask our customers what they want to achieve, and determine the challenges standing in their way. We work with them to develop operational plans where we can add value. We identify deliverables and desired outcomes. And then we do the work alongside them.

In this way, we’re able to identify supply chain problems before they start. We’re able to help companies predict the lifetime value of their customers. We’re able to help great companies grow into world-changing companies.

More than 15 years ago, our founder sent a memo to our team outlining our firm’s core values: Excellence, humility, integrity, responsibility. Our team has more than doubled in size since then, but our values haven’t changed—and they never will.

Let's build together.


GROWTH and human capital

We don’t just advise. We sit alongside you, share our best practices, and tailor them to your company, culture, and growth objectives. And we stay engaged to evolve the work with you and your team—from seed to growth to IPO. Whether you’d like to identify the Competencies, Experience, and Culture Fit for your next key executive hire, refine your TAM, Ideal Customer Profile, and Use Cases, develop an L&D program to foster and retain top talent, we can help. These are just a few functional areas where we have been fortunate to assist our portfolio companies over the years. We are privileged to be your Operating Partner, an extension of your team, and a set of resources that you can count on at every phase of growth. 



A true understanding of your supply chain can’t be gleaned simply from a spreadsheet or a slide deck, but from within the walls of your operations. Our engineers, manufacturing experts, and operations specialists will examine your processes from production to distribution to delivery—often by standing alongside employees on an assembly line or factory floor—and then work with you to fine-tune them.


data science

We don’t believe in analysis for the sake of analysis, or in reporting on everything under the sun because you can. We work with you to build data science applications that are actually useful. Applications that use your data to help you improve user acquisition. To reduce churn. To improve underwriting. In other words: We believe in data that should be directly tied to the value of your business.