Valor Data Science: Zero to User Acquisition Cohorts in 60 Minutes With Shopify and Stitch

Cohort analysis is one of the best ways to understand your company's growth—it often reveals things that are non-obvious from top-line measures like MRR, MAU, etc. Historically, it's been kind of a slog to get cohort analysis up and running, usually because you either don't have the data you want (e.g., a complete transaction ledger) or you can't easily put it in the right format (e.g. it's stuck in your point of sale).

But today, it's fantastically easier — especially if you process user transactions using a modern payments platform with a good API like Shopify, Square, or Stripe. In fact, it's totally feasible to go from nothing (literally never having looked at your transaction data before) to having automatically updated cohort analysis in about 60 minutes.

We’ll show you how.