Meet Roti.


HQ: Chicago, IL

Leadership: Mats Lederhausen, Carl Segal, Ellen Kim


Opportunity: A lack of affordable, sustainably sourced Mediterranean options in the fast-casual space.

Vision: Provide a modern Mediterranean option—and serve food that loves you back.™

Status: Active




> First partnered with Valor in 2018.

> As of Q2 2019, Roti operates more than 40 locations across Illinois, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Virginia.

> Roti prides itself on sourcing the finest sustainable ingredients, including sustainably raised fish, antibiotic-free chicken, 100% grass-fed beef, non-GMO rice and organic chickpeas.

> As of Q2 2019, Roti is deploying a restaurant technology platform powered by eatsa, with the goal of increasing throughput and enhancing the overall customer experience.


After a long career as an executive in mainly restaurant businesses, I started my own investment platform. I have yet to find a better partner than Valor. They are inspired by the big aspirations of entrepreneurial endeavors but yet equally willing to go deep into the details of operational execution. A place few partners are willing or capable to go. At heart, they are designers of repeatable processes which makes them a perfect partner for anyone wanting to perfect and then later grow a successful business.
— Mats Lederhausen, Chairman, Roti

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