Meet Harmony
Biosciences, LLC.

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HQ: Plymouth Meeting, PA

Leadership: Jeffrey Aronin, John C. Jacobs


Opportunity: Develop and commercialize novel treatment options for people living with rare, orphan diseases. With a focus on the central nervous system, including disorders of sleep and wakefulness, the company’s goal is to improve the lives of those whose medical conditions could benefit from the potential of first-in-class, mechanism-based treatment approaches.

Vision: Develop and provide new medications to help people who are living with rare diseases.

Status: Active




> First partnered with Valor in 2017.

> Pitolisant, Harmony Biosciences, LLC’s lead product pending FDA approval in the U.S., was developed by Bioprojet, which has marketed the drug in Europe since 2016.

> The FDA granted pitolisant a Priority Review designation, indicating that, if approved, the drug has the potential to provide a significant improvement in the effectiveness of treatments for patients living with narcolepsy.

> Narcolepsy impacts up to 200,000 Americans and can cause significant burdens for patients and their families, limiting achievement at school and work, impacting relationships, and impairing quality of life.


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