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HQ: Los Angeles, CA

Leadership: Jack Etienne, Paullie Etienne


Opportunity: To broaden Cloud9's strategy to potentially encompass youth-focused training, leagues, and events with a values-based focus similar to what Cloud9 professional players uphold: sportsmanship, excellence, and physical and mental wellness.

Vision: Leverage Cloud9's position as one of the premier esports organizations in the world to continue winning championships, expanding its fanbase, and providing industry-leading support, training, and benefits to players and staff.

Status: Active

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> First partnered with Valor in 2018.

> Cloud9's sponsors include BMW, AT&T, Puma, Red Bull, and the U.S. Air Force.

> Cloud9 won the inaugural Overwatch League title in 2018 and made it to the 2018 League of Legends World Championships semi-finals—the first North American team to do so in seven years.

> In 2018, Cloud9 was named Esports Organization of the Year at the Esports Awards, was honored by ESPN as Esports Team of the Year, and won Best Esports Team & Best Esports Moment at the Game Awards.


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