Meet Castle Creek Pharma.


HQ: Basking Ridge, NJ

Leadership: Jeffrey Aronin, Greg Wujek


Opportunity: To help patients with skin conditions who have a high unmet need, with an initial focus on epidermolysis bullosa ("EB"), a rare, potentially severely debilitating dermatologic condition that usually begins in infancy and causes painful blisters on the skin and internal organs as a result of friction and trauma.

Vision: Become one of the industry’s most prolific developers of innovative and high potential late stage therapies for rare genetic dermatology conditions.

Status: Active




> First partnered with Valor in 2015.

> There are currently no FDA-approved treatments for EB.

> Palliative care is the standard treatment, consisting of wound care and pain management—expensive and ineffective options that create significant financial and quality of life burdens for patients and their families.

> Castle Creek Pharma has two late-stage drugs in development: one to treat EB simplex, the most prevalent form of EB, and the other to treat recessive dystrophic EB, a subset that is extremely rare and life threatening.


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